How to Protect Your Credit Card Against Fraud?

Credit card fraud is more serious with online shopping, which often accepts cashless payments. The victims of this fraud must go through a difficult and frustrating process as they try to make up for the funds they have lost. Therefore, you need to be wise to handle all information about your credit cards and be careful about protecting yourself from fraud. Here are a few measures you can take to protect against the risk of being the victim of such frauds.

1. Do not store the PIN code (Personal Identification Number)

Sign the new credit card immediately after receipt. Memorize the PIN code and destroy the letters containing the PIN code. If you change the number to make it easier to remember, be careful not to use numbers related to your birthday, social security number, license plate number, or family names.

2. Cut before throwing

If you first discard any card you did not use without destroying them, they can be played with identity thefts and used to apply new cards for their own use. You won't notice until you get the invoice. Therefore, if you have unused, but active credit cards, keep them in a safe place and if you want to throw it, divide them into pieces before disposal.

3. Review your statement

You should review the credit card statements as soon as you receive them. Check every transaction on invoices, if there are charges you don't know, you'll need to report them to ensure that the card issuer initiates an investigation of these invalid charges in your invoices. Saving all of your transaction receipts allows you to approve the legal process and determine unrecognized costs.

4. Protect your PIN at ATM

If you have people on your back when you access your credit card at the ATM, remember to protect your hand and card when entering the PIN. Enter the numbers as quickly as possible and with multiple fingers so that people on your back have no change to observe your PIN.

5. Check website security before shopping online

Before making an online payment, make sure that websites have a secure payment system for credit card transactions. Never fill in any personal information about the online order form without knowing it is safe.

6. Report any lost or stolen card immediately

Always keep your credit card numbers and issuers. phone numbers in a safe place If you lost your card or were stolen, you must immediately notify the card issuer and block the card to prevent unauthorized access.


As the main payment method, credit card fraud has increased the risk of being the victim of credit card fraud, especially when using online credit cards. However, if we take some measures to avoid being victims of such frauds, we can reduce the risk.